Who Is The Hottest QB In The NFL?

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2019?

quarterback Russell WilsonBut even those stars can’t touch Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who is the NFL’s highest-paid player in 2019 at $79 million, including $9 million off the field.

In April, Wilson’s four-year, $140 million contract extension set NFL records for average salary ($35 million) and signing bonus ($65 million)..

Who is the best QB in the NFL 2019 2020?

Without further delay, our list of the top-10 quarterbacks for the 2020 season.Eagles’ Carson Wentz.Lions’ Matthew Stafford.Texans’ Deshaun Watson.Cowboys’ Dak Prescott.Saints’ Drew Brees.Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.Ravens’ Lamar Jackson.Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes.More items…•

Which QB has the most interceptions 2020?

Odds to Throw Most Interceptions in 2020 NFL SeasonQBTeam2019 INTCarson WentzPhiladelphia Eagles7Tom BradyTampa Bay Buccaneers8Drew BreesNew Orleans Saints4Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs531 more rows•Sep 9, 2020

Who leads the NFL in interceptions 2020?

NFL Stat Leaders 2020InterceptionsINT1 J.C. JacksonNE62 Xavien HowardMIA53 Kendall FullerWSH43 Carlton DavisTB42 more rows

Who is the cutest football player?

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers What makes him so sexy: Hands down, this guy is one of the hottest NFL players in the game. There’s skill behind those looks too; As a young QB, he smashed Peyton Manning’s passing record by 120 yards.

What’s the cheapest NFL team to buy?

The Cincinnati Bengals, the cheapest franchise in the bunch at $2 billion, pulled in less than $25 million from ticket and club-seat sales.

Who are the top 5 QB in the NFL?

Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFLDrew Brees, New Orleans Saints. The Saints may not have won the most games last year, but it’s hard to argue that any quarterback had a better season than Drew Brees. … Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts. … Tom Brady, New England Patriots. … Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers. … Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears.

Who is the ugliest NFL player?

Top 15 Ugliest NFL Players of All Time8 Richie Incognito.7 Robert Griffin III.6 Curtis Painter.5 Jared Lorenzen.4 Sebastian Janikowski.3 Tony Siragusa.2 Paul McQuistan.1 Pat McQuistan.More items…•

Who is the hottest quarterback?

Most Handsome Quarterbacks In NFL 2020Tom Brady (New England Patriots) At number 1 in this list of Top 10 Handsome Quarterbacks, we have Tom Brady.Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) … Colin Kaepernick (Retired) … Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) … Brady Quinn (Retired) … Josh Freeman (Free Agent) … Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) … Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) … More items…•

Who is better Brees or Brady?

Brees ranks first in NFL history in passing yards (79,314) and passing TDs (560). Brady is second in yards (76,481) and TDs (559). … This season, Brady has passed for 1,910 yards with 18 TDs and four interceptions. Brees has 1,898 passing yards with 13 TDs and three interceptions.

Who is the hottest player in the NFL?

The Hottest NFL Players Right NowDanny Amendola. Age: 34 years. Height: 180 cm.Aaron Rodgers. Age: 36 years. Height: 180 cm. … Jason Witten. Age: 38 years. Height: 198 cm. … Alex Smith. Age: 36 years. Height: 193 cm. … Jimmy Garoppolo. Age: 28 years. Height: 188 cm. … Tom Brady. Age: 43 years. … Cam Newton. Age: 31 years. … Drew Brees. Age: 41 years. … More items…•

Who is best QB?

NFL quarterback rankings 2020Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs. … Lamar Jackson, Ravens. … Russell Wilson, Seahawks. … Drew Brees, Saints. … Tom Brady, Buccaneers. … Aaron Rodgers, Packers. … Deshaun Watson, Texans. … Dak Prescott, Cowboys.More items…•

Who has the best NFL uniforms?

1. Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys’ primary home uniforms don’t even feature matching shades of blue or silver, and it’s still arguably the best regular look in the NFL. Combine those home threads with the rest of the team’s combinations, and you get the best set of uniforms in the league.

Why are quarterbacks attractive?

Sommers and Wertheim concluded that quarterbacks benefit from what is called the “halo effect.” The quarterback’s perceived power, leadership and success on the field amplifies their attractiveness.