Which Is Better Slam Dunk Vs Kuroko No Basket?

Why Haikyuu is the best anime?

Haikyuu is based on Haruichi Furudate’s manga about volleyball, and is one of the most popular sports anime right now.

It not only gets your heart racing because you watch high intensity matches, but it also shows the compelling storylines of each character..

Is Haikyuu good for 11 year olds?

While there is one girl in particular some boys fawn over, it’s not perverted or inappropriate. Making Haikyuu one of the most legit animes to watch with family or kids. The simple, easy to follow story makes this show even more appealing as well. And might end up being one of the top shows you’ve watched.

Did Daichi die in Haikyuu?

It is an on going joke in the fandom that Daichi dies, I myself was confused about it for awhile after seeing memes and fan art of it on Pinterest but he does not die (thankfully). You can rest easy tonight. He didn’t die okay. He was just badly injured when Tanaka bumped into him to receive the ball.

Who is the weakest generation of miracles?

Probably the list as below (1 being the best 6 being the worst).Aomine Daiki.Akashi Sejirou.Kise Ryouta.Midorima Shintaro.Murasakibara Atsushi.Kuroko Tetsuya.

Is Kuroko no basket good?

A very awesome series. Personally, I thought the special abilities made it more fun to watch. Season 2 should be good as well.

Can Kuroko dunk?

Kuroko finds his answer After, Kuroko and Kagami go together for a run. Kagami tells Kuroko the reason he thinks he lost against Midorima, being that he can only shoot dunks. Kuroko remembers the advice Hyūga and Midorima have told him, and suddenly stops running.

Is ahiru no Sora good?

The anime of Ahiru no sora transposes the manga in an excellent way. Even though the animation techniques during mathces and games were in very poor quality, the overall structure and plotstyle capture the viewer for 50 episodes.

Is Haikyuu better than Naruto?

Haikyuu is shorter and more down to earth, with less bloody battles and not as much of the whole ‘strive to overcome being born hated by everyone’ vibe as Naruto, but it’s easier to binge nature, and it’s higher animation quality, plus good humor allow it to sit up top as pretty good. The final answer.

Who is the strongest member of Generation of Miracles?

AkashiAccording to the official stats the strongest is Akashi with a 9.6 Midorima in the zone would likely kill all of these guys since it is stated that he is not only a shooter but very fast and strong.

Is slam dunk a good anime?

But back to Slam Dunk, it is a great anime to watch and I highly recommend it. Very addictive making you always wanting more. Just like a lot of the sports animes its about a kid that just falls in love with … I loved this series very true to the game of basketball.

Who is the best in Kuroko no basket?

Top 20 Kuroko No Basket Players#8 Himuro Tatsuya.#7: Haizaki Shougo.#6: Murasakibara Atsushi.#5: Midorima Shintaro.#4: Aomine Daiki.#3: Kagami Taiga.#2: Kise Ryota.#1: Akashi Seijuro.More items…•

How good is Haikyuu?

100% Yes!! Even if you aren’t into sports/sports anime, I would suggest Haikyuu!! The characters are really well made, animation is great, plot and progression of the teams (not just the main team) is so interesting, and it gets you really invested!

Is there any romance in Haikyuu?

But as Haikyuu has never been a romance led series, it’s great to see that at least one couple has been not only solidified but taken to such an extent.

Can Kise copy Kuroko?

Kise is passed Kise acknowledges that Kuroko’s style of playing is the only one he can’t copy, but he doesn’t see what difference it makes. After a time-out, the second quarter begins.

Is Kuroko no basket better than Haikyuu?

Haikyuu is ongoing series by the way, and I could see the potential development for both the character development and the plot itself. As for the drawing style (anime) KnB has a lot of mouthwateringly tall, muscled and handsome characters. … Kuroko no Basket is better.

Is Haikyuu a bl?

In Haikyuu, there are no confirmed gay relationships. However, it is about boys’ volleyball, and the majority of the characters are male, so shipping possibilities are automatically skewed toward m/m relationships. … If you want to ship them, fine.

Why was the slam dunk banned?

The NCAA banned the slam prior to the 1967-68 college season due to injury concerns, citing 1,500 incidents where a player was hurt around the backboard the season prior. The ban was dubbed the “Lew Alcindor Rule” after the UCLA star and slam sultan who would later become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Does Sakuragi ever get Haruko?

When Sakuragi was injured in the back, during his crucial match against the powerful Sannoh, Sakuragi confessed to Haruko his love for basketball and somehow indirectly revealed his feelings for her as well; telling her he isn’t lying unlike the last time when he said yes because of his love for her.

Why did Sakuragi cut his hair?

His most recognizable trait is his red hair, which he shaves as reparation for an error that led to a loss in the interhigh tournament against Kainan. Despite his violent nature and rude personality, Sakuragi has a soft spot for girls and is extremely vulnerable and sensitive to them.

Who is the best player in Haikyuu?

Haikyu!!: 10 Best Volleyball Players, Ranked8 Korai Hoshiumi.7 Kiyoomi Sakusa.6 Koutarou Bokuto.5 Toru Oikawa.4 Atsumu Miya.3 Wakatoshi Ushiwaka.2 Shoyo Hinata.1 Tobio Kageyama.More items…•

Does Oikawa die?

Oikawa dies. … Then he runs and runs, until he breaks out screaming for Tooru. Since his death, Oikawa has been watching over Iwaizumi as a ghost, but when he sees his best friend break, he wishes for reincarnation and promises to find Iwaizumi again.