What Food Is Best For Gerbils?

How much should you feed gerbils?

Gerbils should be offered one teaspoon of fresh fruit and vegetables (apples or carrots) twice weekly.

Don’t overfeed these fresh foods, they contain a lot of moisture and too much can cause an upset stomach..

What is the best bedding for gerbils?

Carefresh or cardboard shavings – This is soft, cozy bedding that is great for tunnelling. It’s digestible, and gerbils can’t get tangled up in it. Shredded paper – A long as the paper is ink- and dye-free, shredded paper can be a good choice of bedding, and has the benefit of being cheap too.

Can gerbils eat meat?

Gerbils are omnivores. This means they eat both plants and meat. Their natural diet includes a whole range of foods such as seeds, plants and insects. … Commercial gerbil food.

What do gerbils like to eat as a treat?

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be given as treats. Gerbil’s like carrots, celery, peas, cucumbers, string beans, apples, pears, cooked potato, bananas, and plain popcorn. Avoid spinach, lettuce and citrus fruits since some can be harmful to gerbils.

How smart are gerbils?

In comparison to dogs, no, gerbils are not super-intelligent. However, in rodent terms they are clever little critters. They also have lifelong social interaction with other members of their species, which takes a modicum of intelligence too. …

Can gerbils eat toilet paper rolls?

Gerbils love to chew. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll is one of a gerbil’s favorite things. … Even a small brown paper lunch bag will provide hiding, play, and shredding possibilities! Any untreated wood (vegetable dyed is okay) items make great chew toys too.

Can gerbils eat grass?

In nature, gerbils are omnivorous and eat leaves, grasses, seeds, nuts and some insects. They forage for their food and will stash some for later. … Loose grass hays such as timothy, orchard or meadow grass can be put throughout the cage or offered in the form of grass toys or biscuits for the gerbils to chew.

How do gerbils sleep?

Gerbils don’t stick to routine sleeping schedules. They often sleep for an hour or two at a time, and then they’re up for an hour or two. This cycle occurs throughout the day and night. However, gerbils who are raised in captivity do tend to adapt to human sleeping schedules much easier.

What can you not feed gerbils?

Fruit (pear, melon, apple, oranges) and vegetables (cucumber, carrot, pumpkin and fennel) can be used to supplement your gerbils ration. Do not give your pets¿ grapes or rhubarb as these are poisonous to rodents. To avoid excessive amounts of certain seeds (e.g. sunflower) as they are fatty and can cause obesity.

What is the average lifespan of a gerbil?

Pachyuromys duprasi: 5 – 7 yearsGreat gerbil: 2 – 4 yearsGerbils/Lifespan

Can gerbils eat peanut butter?

The quick answer, yes. Peanut butter is perfectly safe for gerbils to consume. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about peanut butter and gerbils on the internet. Gerbils can eat peanuts.

Do gerbils bite?

Gerbils, however, are quite the reverse. They rarely, if ever, bite no matter what the situation. As a result they can safer for scared children to handle.

How do you tame a gerbil?

Taming a GerbilUse lots of treats and work in small steps, making sure your gerbils are comfortable with each step before proceeding to the next. … Start just sitting next to cage to acclimate gerbils to your presence. … Offer a treat, such as some sunflower or pumpkin seeds, when the gerbil approaches the cage bars.More items…•

Can gerbils eat scrambled eggs?

You might be surprised to hear that eggs are perfectly safe for gerbils, and while some seem to turn their nose up at the opportunity, others will squeak with delight. The egg should of course be cooked; a tiny little bit of warm scrambled egg in a tiny bowl is about as good as it gets for some gerbils!

What do I need for a gerbil?

Below is a list of all the items needed for your gerbil to have a perfect habitat.Wire Cage. A wire cage that is around 10″ by 20″ is adequate for two gerbils. … Glass Tank. A ten gallon, or larger, glass tank also makes a good home for a pair of gerbils. … Tube Cage. … Cage Supplies. … Water Bottle. … Food Dish. … Bedding. … Cardboard.More items…

What human food can gerbils eat?

The only human foods that a gerbil should eat are some fruits and vegetables, and three or four varieties of unsalted nuts….Some of the foods that are safe for both us and gerbils are as follows:Apple.Banana.Broad beans.Blueberries.Carrot.Cauliflower.Chicory.Dandelion.More items…

How often should I clean my gerbil cage?

Most owners find that they need to clean out their gerbils’ cage once a week. The general guidance (as with many small animals) is that if you own two, you should clean out their enclosure once a week.

Can gerbils eat broccoli?

Treats for Gerbils You can try items such as carrots, broccoli, dandelion greens, apples, and berries. Avoid raw kidney beans, raw potato, onion, potato leaves, and rhubarb leaves. Nuts can be offered but do so sparingly since they are high in fat.