Quick Answer: What Nationality Is Juan Soto?

What position is Juan Soto?

Left fielderJuan Soto/Position.

What is Bryce Harper’s salary?

10 million USD (2019)Bryce Harper/Salary

How tall is Juan Soto?

1.85 mJuan Soto/Height

What size bat does Juan Soto use?

34″Juan Soto, the only teenager in MLB history with three multi-homer games, swings an Old Hickory AJ25 Maple 34″ bat.

Who is Juan Soto’s dad?

Juan Jose SotoJuan Soto/Fathers

How good is Juan Soto?

His baseball card stats are insane Soto is one of 199 Major League hitters with 75 or more plate appearances this season. … Soto’s 236 wRC+ means he’s been nearly 2 1/2 times as good as an average Major League hitter. That’s insane. Soto leads the world in almost every key hitting category that’s not a counting stat.

Where did Juan Soto grow up?

Santo DomingoNEW YORK — Juan Soto was relaxing in late January, at home in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic, wasting time until baseball season when his cellphone rang. It had already been a crazy few months in the city in which he grew up.

Who are Juan Soto’s parents?

Belkis PachecoJuan Jose SotoJuan Soto/Parents

How much is Anthony Rendon worth?

Anthony Rendon is about to get paid, but how much is he worth?YearYearProjected fair value20202020$43.9 million20212021$41.8 million20222022$39.3 million20232023$36.3 million4 more rows•Nov 6, 2019

How long is Juan Soto contract?

1 yrCurrent ContractContract:1 yr(s) / $6,500,000Signing Bonus-Average Salary$6,500,000Free Agent:2025 / UFA

What does Soto mean?

habitational name from any of numerous places named Soto or El Soto, from soto ‘grove’, ‘small wood’ (Latin saltus). Castilianized spelling of Asturian-Leonese Sotu, a habitational name from a town so named in Asturies. Castilianized spelling of the Galician equivalent, Souto.

How much money does Juan Soto make?

In 2020, Soto was set to earn just $629,400 over a full 162-game season. But with a Super Two designation, he could potentially be looking at an eight-figure salary based on some recent examples of other elite players reaching their first year of arbitration as a Super Two player.

Why did Rendon leave the Nationals?

Harper and Rendon left in part because the Nats have a surplus of talent. And, in true Rizzo form, they have replacements waiting in the wings.

Does Juan Soto speak English?

Range!” Soto said, pointing in their direction, as baseball players do to recognize a job well done. Soto, 20, grew up speaking Spanish in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. … It could be hitting or fielding or speaking English. His English has gotten so good in such a short period of time.

When did Juan Soto turn 21?

October 25thSoto’s up to 56 in 250 games and 1,087 PAs, and he has 17 more games this season, before he’ll turn 21 on October 25th.

What is Anthony Rendon’s salary?

2.8 million USD (2016)Anthony Rendon/Salary

How old is Juan Soto Really?

22 years (October 25, 1998)Juan Soto/Age