Quick Answer: How Many Penalties Has Pepe Scored?

How many career goals does Nicolas Pepe have?

Premier League RecordAppearances37Goals6Assists6.

What age is Pepe?

37 years (February 26, 1983)Pepe/Age

What position is Pepe?

ForwardNicolas Pépé/Position

Where is Pepe Arsenal from?

Mantes-la-Jolie, FranceNicolas Pépé/Place of birth

What percentage of penalties are scored in the Premier League?

Therefore, on average, the spectators saw 0.27 penalties per match. Of the 103 penalties {treffen}scored and {fehlschuesse} missed. This corresponds to a hit ratio of 81.6 %….Premier League.League level:First Tier – EnglandNumber of teams:20 teamsPlayers:553Foreigners:340 Players 61.5%ø-Market value:€16.12m

How much is Nicolas Pepe salary?

Pepe to earn £105k-a-week at Arsenal Arsenal are closing in on the permanent signing of Nicolas Pepe from Lille after both clubs agreed on a £72 million transfer fee. According to Express Sport, the Ivory Coast will sign a five-year deal with the Gunners which comes with weekly earnings of £105,000.

Who is the best penalty taker?

Matt Le Tissier1. Matt Le Tissier. Matt Le Tissier is known among soccer historians as the best ever in terms of penalties in world football history.

Who has missed the most penalties?

Lionel MessiIn his career Griezmann has taken 15 penalties scoring only 9 and missing 6. Similarly, Germany and Arsenal’s Mesut Özil had a below par average conversion. The stats showed Lionel Messi isn’t as good at taking penalties as many people think compared to other international players, missing the most penalties.

What nationality is Nicolas Pepe?

FrenchIvorianNicolas Pépé/Nationality

Is Nicolas Pepe good?

In short, Pepe will become one of Arsenal’s and the Premier League’s best players. His pace, skills and ability to score from range makes him a real asset for Arsenal going forward and I’m sure Gunners fans will see the performances he is very capable of before too long.

How many minutes has Pepe played this season?

Nicolas Pépé’s Form Analysis Nicolas Pépé is a Forward who has appeared in 7 matches this season in Premier League, playing a total of 228 minutes.

Which player never missed a penalty?

Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli might have his moments on and off the pitch every now and again, but as far as penalties go, he’s a definite go-to guy—having never missed in his eight attempts.

How many goals did Pepe score last season?

Arsenal’s record signing Nicolas Pepe was involved in a staggering 33 goals for Lille last season, only Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Fabio Quagliarella were involved in more goals.

Is Pepe left footed?

Style of play. Pépé is known as a pacey and skilled attacking winger who is comfortable on both flanks, but usually plays on the right wing cutting onto his left foot; he was also converted by former Lille head coach Marcelo Bielsa to play as a striker.

Is Pepe a flop?

Arsenal’s £72m winger Pepe is one of the flops of the season and ‘bad business’, says BBC pundit Jenas. ARSENAL winger Nicolas Pepe has been among the flop signings of the season, according to Jermaine Jenas. … A tally of five goals and six assists in the 25-year-old’s debut Premier League season has underwhelmed Jenas.

How old is lacazette?

29 years (May 28, 1991)Alexandre Lacazette/Age

Who does Pepe play for?

FC PortoPepe/Current teams