Quick Answer: How Many Career Triple Doubles Does Michael Jordan Have?

Did LeBron get a triple double tonight?

James finished with 36 points (14-19 FG, 4-7 3Pt, 4-4 FT) in 34 minutes of a 131-122 win against Portland on Saturday.

James recorded his second triple-double of the playoffs as Los Angeles finished off Portland in Game 5..

Has anyone got a quintuple double in NBA?

While double-doubles and triple-doubles occur regularly each NBA season, only four quadruple-doubles have ever officially been recorded in the NBA, and a quintuple-double has never officially been recorded at the professional, collegiate, or even high school boys’ level.

How many triple doubles does Jordan have?

All told, Jordan racked up 11 triple-doubles in 15 games.

How many career triple doubles does Kobe Bryant have?

21 tripleIt’s a little hard to make that case on paper because Bryant ended his career with just 21 triple-doubles, which isn’t even ranked in the top-10 for all-time triple-doubles in NBA history, but there are some stats that suggest he was capable of doing it.

How many triple doubles Did Michael Jordan have in the playoffs?

Here you can find details about Michael Jordan career triple-doubles. Michael Jordan recorded 10 or more points, rebounds and assists 28 times in the regular season, twice in the playoffs and he has the only triple-double ever in an All-Star Game. In the 1988-89 season he had 15.

Has an NBA player ever had a 20 20 20 game?

Westbrook, in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 119-103 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, recorded an absurd triple-double of 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists. He’s just the second NBA player to accomplish the 20-20-20 feat. The legendary Wilt Chamberlain did it in a 1968 game while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.

How many triple doubles does Stephen Curry have?

All career triple doubles (including playoffs) by Stephen CurrySEASONDATETREB2019 Playoffs20/05/2019132017 Playoffs4/06/2017102015-2016 Regular Season22/01/2016102015-2016 Regular Season28/12/2015145 more rows

Who has the most triple doubles in Lakers history?

James already has more triple-doubles with the Lakers than Jerry West (16). And he’s just one triple-double shy of Kobe Bryant (21) and four behind Elgin Baylor (24).

How many career triple doubles does LeBron James have?

Players with the most triple doubles in the NBA all-time as of October 2020Number of triple doublesRussell Westbrook146Magic Johnson138Jason Kidd107LeBron James949 more rows•Oct 16, 2020

Has there ever been a 20 20 20 triple double?

NBA Soundsystem Live: The King Reigns Supreme On April 2 in 2019, Russell Westbrook became only the second player in NBA history to record a 20-20-20 triple-double after Wilt Chamberlain (22 points, 25 rebounds, 21 assists) previously did it in 1968.

How many 50 point games Does Michael Jordan have?

The most incredible feat in all this might be that Jordan had more career games of scoring 50 or more points (31) than he had games of scoring 11 or fewer points (26).

Who has had a quintuple double in the NBA?

Wilt ChamberlainNoun. (basketball) The achievement of a two-digit number of all five of points scored, assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals in a single game. Wilt Chamberlain did a quintuple double in NBA on march 18 1968.

Who is the youngest person to get a triple double?

Markelle FultzThe youngest NBA player to achieve a triple-double is 19 years and 317 days, and was achieved by Markelle Fultz (b. 29 May 1998, USA) at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on 11 April 2018. This record was achieved during the Philadelphia 76ers’ final game of the 2018 regular season.

Did Kobe ever get a triple double?

Kobe Bryant messed around with the best team in the East and got a triple-double against the Toronto Raptors, totaling 31 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. Watch all of Bryant’s playmaking and shot-taking from his 20th career triple-double in the video above.

Who got a triple double without points?

Green posted a triple-double but it was one unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In fact, it was one unlike the NBA has ever seen, according to Elias Sports. Green grabbed 12 rebounds, dished out 10 assists and picked 10 steals to post the first triple-double in NBA history that didn’t include double-digit points.