Quick Answer: How Do You Say Homie In Spanish?

What does Oiloo mean in Spanish?

Define meaning of “olio”: An event that combines things in a mixture.

; A collection containing a variety of sorts of things.

Translate “olio” to Spanish: guisado de carne con verduras y garbanzos..

What is another word for ghetto?

What is another word for ghetto?public squalorrundown section of a cityfavelashanty townslumrun-down neighborhoodskid rowtenement housingpoor arearough area8 more rows

What is the difference between barrio and barangay?

As nouns the difference between barangay and barrio is that barangay is the smallest administrative division in the philippines; a village, district, or ward while barrio is (in venezuela or the dominican republic) a slum on the periphery of a major city; a low to middle-class neighborhood in a lesser city.

What is the opposite of ghetto?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of an neighboring area, region or space. distance. remoteness.

What are some gangster words?

Some of the most popular ganger slang words of the 20s included:bean shooter – a gun.beef – a problem or complaint.blow one down – to kill someone.bop – to kill.bruno – an enforcer; gangster tough guy.bump – to kill.button man – a hit man; killer for hire.can opener – safecracker.More items…

Is Olio a Scrabble word?

OLIO is a valid scrabble word.

How do you say ghetto in Spanish slang?

Spanish: aljama – ghetto – gueto – terraja – cantegril – chabolista – chimbero – malevo. In Lists: Words with a silent “h”, Parts of a town/city, more… Collocations: slang, offensive: ghetto [girls, booty], slang, offensive: used to have a ghetto blaster, trying to [get out of, escape] the ghetto, more…

What’s a barrio?

Barrio (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbarjo]) is a Spanish word meaning “quarter” or “neighborhood.” In the modern Spanish language, “barrio” is generally defined as each area of a city, usually differentiated by functional (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), social, architectural or morphological features.

Is wey a bad word?

Over time, the initial /b/ underwent a consonant mutation to a /g/, often elided; resulting in the modern wey. … The word can be used as an insult, like “fool”, although, due to its extremely high frequency of use in a multitude of contexts, it has lost much of its offensive character, becoming a colloquialism.

Is No Manches a bad word?

“No manches” is interchangeable with another popular Mexican expression: “No mames”. “No mames” is even more informal and “mames”, from the verb mamar, is also considered a bad word. Remember to not use these expressions in formal conversations.

Is Takuache a bad word?

orale: is a slang word (dicho) that is used all the time by mexicans everywhere to say something to the effect of “right on” or “hell yeah”. tacuache: often written (perhaps correctly) tlacuache. … in the slang world (and maybe it’s just used around these parts) it seems to be a name given to mexicans by mexicans.

What is a poor area called?

What is another word for poor area?low-income neighborhoodcouncil estatehousing schemeprojectrough arearun-down neighborhoodshanty townskid rowslumtenement housing2 more rows

What does oil mean in texting?

really useful informationInternet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture (2) Organizations, Education Schools etc. ( 3) Technology, IT etc (11) GOOD OIL — really useful information, a great idea, the absolute truth.

What does Olio mean in Spanish slang?

miscellaneous collection of thingsOLIO means a “miscellaneous collection of things” – which is what you will see when you look on the app! It’s also the name for a traditional Spanish/Portuguese stew; and stew is a dish that is commonly created in order to prevent food waste.

What is the meaning of haciendas?

1 : a large estate especially in a Spanish-speaking country : plantation. 2 : the main dwelling of a hacienda.

What is the meaning of rural?

adjective. of, relating to, or characteristic of the country, country life, or country people; rustic: rural tranquillity. living in the country: the rural population. of or relating to agriculture: rural economy.

How do you say bro in Spanish slang?

Wey (güey) means bro or dude, but it can also be a general word for guy.