Question: Is CIF Dangerous?

What does CIF clean?

Reveal the beauty of many surfaces in your home.

Cif Cream, with 100% natural cleaning particles, removes 100% of tough dirt and leaves surfaces shiny clean.

Available in White, Lemon or Pink – you’ll be amazed and surprised at the beauty Cif Cream cleaners and Cif Power Cream can restore to your home..

Is CIF a disinfectant?

Cif ProFormula Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray is perfume free so perfect for your restaurant, café, h otel or any other professional kitchen!

What household chemicals are toxic to humans?

5 Most Dangerous Household ChemicalsAmmonia. Ammonia fumes are a powerful irritant, potentially harming your skin, eyes, nose, lungs and throat. … Bleach. Another useful but dangerous cleaner, bleach also has strong corrosive properties that can do serious damage to the human body. … Antifreeze. … Drain Cleaners. … Air Fresheners.

Is CIF the same as Jif?

The Cif product is sold under the names Jif, Vim, Viss and Handy Andy, depending on which of the 51 countries it is sold in. … The name change from Jif to Cif was confirmed in December 2000. In Belgium, Finland and Portugal, the product was known as Vim for quite some time, after which it became Cif.

What is CIF good for?

Cif Cream is great for bathrooms – with 100% natural cleaning particles, it removes tough dirt and leave surfaces shiny clean. … The answer is Cif. Say goodbye to limescale, soap scum, and mould stains and hello to a beautiful bathroom.

Does CIF contain ammonia?

Cif – Cleaner, Glass and Bright Surfaces with Ammonia, Without Stains – G750 ML.

What is CIF made of?

New Cif Cream Original, with its refreshing ocean-breeze scent, is made with 100% natural cleaning particles derived from limestone to provide gentle and reliable cleaning. This multi-purpose surface cleaner removes 100% of tough dirt for a beautifully clean finish on a range of surfaces.

Does CIF scratch?

There’s no scratching, but it gets the hob shiny clean. I much prefer the Cif cream than any liquid cleaner. It does the job well no matter what surface and it smells lovely.

Can you use CIF on oven?

Rejoice at how easy it is to restore your oven to its beautiful best! Watch your oven gleam and shine with Cif Perfect Finish Oven and Grill Spray Cleaner. Our specialist oven cleaner cuts through 100% of grease and removes burnt-on food to restore the sparkle to ovens.