Question: How Does Temtem Make Money?

What is FreeTem?

FreeTem is an activist group made up of NPC’s in the game.

Their HQ is located next to the breeding area in Omninesia.

From the moment you start the game, they track your releases, whether it be from captured or bred Temtem..

Can you sell Temtem?

To sell Temtem items, just follow this procedure: Register/log in as a seller. Post your offer(s) through our system. Wait for a buyer to avail of your offer(s).

Can you breed in Temtem?

Each time a Temtem breeds, the gauge reduces by one. When the fertility gauge is empty, that Temtem can no longer breed. More pragmatically, you can only breed Temtem that are in your squad. There’s a TemDeck Station inside the Breeding Center if you need to move Temtem around.

Where is the free Temtem society?

More Temtem guides: To start earning money by releasing Temtems, you’ll need to join the ‘Free Temtem Society’ — they’re found on the Canopath (Route 5). Once you leave the first island, you’ll reach Route 5 and gain access to the Free Temtem Society and the Breeding Center.

How do I get perfect Temtem?

To get all 7 perfect SVs on a single newly-hatched Temtem, you’ll need at least 7 Temtem with one perfect stat each (at least one SV equal to 50). Each of these should ideally have 7 fertility (the maximum possible value for a Temtem with a perfect SV), or you might not be able to complete the chain!

What happens if you lose in Temtem?

If you run out of Temtem during battle, you’ll lose Temtem currency and will be taken back to a previous location such as a Temporium in Temtem. The obvious answer to the question of what happens when you run out of Temtem is that you “die” as you can’t continue a battle if you don’t have any Temtem.

How do you get money from Temtem?

Defeat NPC Temtem tamers. During your time on Temtem’s first island of Deniz, you’ll make the majority of your money from defeating the NPCs who challenge you. … Sell items. At every shop, you have the option to sell some of your items. … Release captured Temtem for the FreeTem! Organization.

Where do you release Temtem?

Temtem is currently in development. It was released on Steam Early Access on January 21, 2020.

How do you hatch a Temtem egg?

To get the egg to hatch, put it in your party of six using the provided computer (on the left side of the Center) and then keep playing the game. Note that the egg will not hatch unless it’s in your party. Depending on how rare the Temtem within the egg is, it will hatch within 45 minutes or less.

How many times can a Temtem breed?

Fertility. The amount of times a Temtem can breed is limited by the fertility value. It is represented by a graphic composed of seven leaves and a stem, each of which can display a brighter or darker shade of cyan, representing remaining respectively missing fertility points. The maximum fertility value is 8.