Has Harry Kane Ever Had A Red Card?

Who is the highest ever goal scorer in the Premier League?

Alan ShearerAdjust FiltersRankPlayerStat1Alan Shearer2602Wayne Rooney2083Andrew Cole1874Sergio Agüero18016 more rows.

What is rashford salary?

10.4 million GBP (2019)Marcus Rashford/Salary

How much are Spurs worth?

The statistic depicts the brand/team value of the English football club Tottenham Hotspur from 2011 to 2020. In 2019, Tottenham Hotspur had a brand value of USD 850 million.

Who is the best striker in Premier League history?

Five best strikers in Premier League historyFew footballers in the world possessed the skills of former Manchester United talisman Wayne Rooney. … Thierry Henry. … Thierry Henry will always go down as one of the best strikers in the world. … Alan Shearer. … Former Blackburn and Newcastle legend Alan Shearer holds the record for most goals scored in the Premier League.More items…•

How many assists does Harry Kane have?

Premier League RecordAppearances216Goals148Assists28

How old is rashford?

23 years (October 31, 1997)Marcus Rashford/Age

Who has Harry Kane scored against the most?

Chris Wilder’s Blades will be the 29th different Premier League side Kane has faced and the Spurs frontman has found the net against all previous 28. Kane is the only player in Premier League history to have a flawless record….Top scoring % v opponents faced.PlayerHarry KaneTeams faced*28Scored against28%1009 more columns•Nov 7, 2019

How many times did Harry Kane won the Golden Boot?

Harry Kane recorded the highest goals-to-games ratio to win the award, scoring 29 goals in 30 games in 2016–17 for a rate of 0.97….Premier League Golden BootThierry Henry has won the most Golden Boot awards with four.Awarded forThe leading goalscorer in a given Premier League season.6 more rows

How much did Tottenham pay for Harry Kane?

Harry Kane, Tottenham Agree to 6-Year Contract Worth Reported £90M. Harry Kane on Friday agreed a new deal with Tottenham Hotspur that will keep him at the club until 2024. According to MailOnline’s Matt Lawton and Sami Mokbel, Kane’s new six-year deal is worth £200,000 per week—double his previous wages.

How much is Harry Kane worth?

As of 2020, Harry Kane’s net worth is $40 million.

How many goals did Harry Kane score last season?

Last season his average was 0.67 goals per game, he scored 24 goals in 36 club matches. In the current season for Tottenham Harry Kane gave a total of 23 shots, of which 12 were shots on goal.

Who is the highest goal scorer of all time?

RankingRankPlayerTotal Goals1Josef Bican805+2Romario7723Pelé7674Cristiano Ronaldo76225 more rows

Who is the top scorer of all time?

Based on data from RSSSF, Goal runs down a list of the top 10 goalscorers in all official competitions in the history of the beautiful game.Wikipedia. … #7 Lionel Messi | 635 goals. … #6 Cristiano Ronaldo | 670 goals. … #5 Gerd Muller | 735 goals. … #4 Ferenc Puskas | 746 goals. … #3 Pele | 767 goals. … #2 Romario | 772 goals. … Wikipedia.More items…•

Has Harry Kane won the Golden Boot?

England captain Harry Kane has won the Golden Boot after finishing as the World Cup’s top scorer with Croatia’s Luka Modric winning the Golden Ball for being the player of the tournament.

How Much Is Rooney worth?

Rooney’s net worth is estimated at around the £100 million ($130m) mark based on his career earnings so far. The Englishman had the chance to bolster his fortune massively by moving to the Chinese Super League a number of years ago, but chose to turn down that gold rush opportunity.

Is rashford mixed race?

He was born in Manchester, Greater Manchester, and was raised in the Wythenshawe area of the city. He is of Kittitian descent, with his grandmother being born on the island of Saint Kitts. He has two brothers named Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford, both of whom went on to represent him professionally.

Which country is rashford from?

EnglishMarcus Rashford/Nationality