How to Keep Love Alive After Marriage


How to keep love alive after marriage? It is a probably asked Question by the people who are married. Because in most of the married cases it happens that as time passes couple get less interest in each other and there are lots of reasons behind that like busy schedule of husband wife, cause of responsibilities, cause of kids or may sometimes extra marital  affairs also being the reason cause of which love get vanish in between husband wife. It doesn’t matter that what the reason behind the vanishing of love, the thing matter is that when once love start getting vanish then problems are start arising and if husband wife don’t work on it then  it converts into big one also. So if you are also going through same problems then you should take help of astrology and make help yourself  to keep alive love so by that your married relationship get in safer zone and evade it before it get spoil cause of little issues. Astrology have lots of technique which are powered enough to work on your relationship.

How to keep spark of love alive after baby

Yes, it’s true that baby is a source of love and he brings lots of love and happiness in between family and husband wife. But it’s also true that when husband wife is blessed with the baby somewhere their love get tail away. And the reason is responsibilities of baby cause of which lady is always get busy in that baby’s work and pays less attention towards his husband and reason of that love start getting vanish somewhere and this all is happen unintentionally. So if you are the couple who thinks that their love is getting vanish cause of baby and you wants to know that How to keep spark of love alive after baby? Then you can consult our astrologer and can know that how to live with lots of love in married life after having baby.


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